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Latest news from the aeronautical scene

Lufthansa shut down Germanwings subsidiary.

The carrier also explains that the restructuring programs already launched by Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines will be strengthened due to the crisis.
Among the announced measures is the reduction of fleets. The airline launches an urgent request for support from the German government because – the leaders say – it will take years before world demand for air travel returns to pre-crisis levels.
In Germany, Lufthansa has blocked 700 of its 763 planes: in April, just 5% of the initially scheduled flights are expected to take off

More than $314 bilion will be lost

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released updated analysis showing that the COVID-19 crisis will see airline passenger revenues drop by $314 billion in 2020, a 55% decline compared to 2019.
On 24 March IATA estimated $252 billion in lost revenues (-44% vs. 2019) in a scenario with severe travel restrictions lasting three months.

Impossibile to fly with the social distancing

Interviewed by the Financial Times, the owner of the Irish company, Michael O’Leary, stressed that “it would be impossible to earn money with a 66% fill rate”. According to O’Leary, it would be “an idiotic idea that in any case would not give any result”

Coronavirus, Easyjet puts the entire fleet on the ground

EasyJet surrenders to the force of the coronavirus, which has blocked travel between countries and the implementation of confinement schemes in many European countries.
In the last days – says a note – the company has worked hard for the repatriation of numerous passengers, operating over 650 repatriation flights and bringing more than 45,000 people home. The last repatriation flights were made in early April.

State aid on the way to deal with Coronavirus emergency

Air France-Klm, the Franco-Dutch air giant (with a turnover of over 27 billion euros per year), will be supported by the respective reference countries, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, which will have discounted and dramatic effects on transport. The French and Dutch states each hold 14% of the airline’s capital. For several weeks they have been carrying out a tight negotiation and they eventually found an agreement: they will guarantee bank loans for a total of six billion.
Both companies have in fact suffered heavy repercussions due to the coronavirus and the outlook of the sector, from here to the next few years, means that we begin to prepare for the worst.

Coronavirus, British Airways to suspend tens of thousand of employees

British Airways will shortly announce the suspension of some 36,000 employees. A painful but inevitable decision, since due to the emergency, the British airline has been forced to cancel all flights in the London airports of Gatwick and London City. In the last few days, tight negotiations have started with the unions and a preliminary agreement has been reached. British Airways employees who will be affected by the cuts could now receive a state subsidy, but it will all depend on the outcome of the negotiations with the British government.

To come back from the Coronavirus we’ll need more than 3 years

Delta Airlines recently announced that it has lost $ 534 million in the first quarter of 2020 and airline experts expect the next 3 months to be still very negative. Bastian, CEO of the company, has announced that the passengers carried have fallen by 95%, the demand for short and medium-haul flights has practically zeroed and the prospects of a recovery are far from thriving. The company has already received a first tranche of state aid of $ 2.7 billion.

Japan Airlines estimates a halved turnover

The Japanese airline has almost halved its earnings estimates for the year 2019, which closed on March 31, indicating a net result of 53 billion yen (about 450 million euros) from the 93 billion reported before the outbreak of the global emergency .
In parallel, the estimates of turnover to 1,410 billion yen and those on operating profit to 100 billion yen have been reduced compared to the guidance provided in January.
The Japanese airline has provided an update on operations, indicating a “drastic” drop in demand on both domestic and international routes, which has forced it to cancel most of the routes and adopt smaller aircraft for those still active.

Aeroflot on the ground, each month of stop translates into 50 billion rubles of losses

Closed borders and suspended air links. The pandemic is emptying airports around the world, bringing airlines to their knees. On April 20, demand for air travel to Russia plummeted 90% from last year, and companies are operating just 12% of flights.
Aeroflot, the largest Russian air carrier, has cut domestic flights and has suspended the sale of tickets to international destinations at least until the situation returns to normal. The second Russian air carrier, S7 Airlines, has already halved its summer flight schedule. Russian charter companies Azur Air and Royal Flight have suspended all flights; the same fate has fallen to the low cost airline Pobeda.

What’s going on in the skies

By dragging the blue slide to the left or right you can see the reduction, or rather the almost total stop, of air flights in the European skies


COVID 19 has determined, among other things, the almost total stoppage of flight activities. And not only concerning flight schools but also for traditionally scheduled flights (business and leisure segment). Specialized observers estimate, in the second quarter of 2020 alone, a loss that exceeds 60 billion dollars (over 252 billion dollars in 2020) putting 65.5 million jobs at risk. As many as 800 airlines are at risk of bankruptcy.

At the time of the (slow) restart of the aeronautical sector, it can be imagined that to guarantee the now sadly known “social distancing” it will no longer be possible to fly under filling conditions as in the pre-COVID era but it will be necessary to reduce by at least 3/4 the number of paying passengers for each flight. This is equivalent to saying that a short – medium-haul scheduled flight will go from 160 to 20 passengers while maintaining the same costs (fuel, maintenance, crew, handling, etc.). It can, therefore, be imagined that the costs of airline tickets will undergo a considerable increase, precisely to guarantee the losses suffered during the pandemic (for the companies that will not fail before …) and to obtain the profit which is the basis of the trust of traditional investors.

Lufthansa Group has just declared the closure of the GermanWings subsidiary due to the profound economic crisis, just to mention a European company considered among the most solid, and has already landed over 700 aircraft. You can’t imagine a worse scenario than this. Or maybe you can … Just think that of the 3 great sisters of American air transport, which carry more than 50% of passengers on US soil, only 2 will remain as America Airlines, already bankrupt in 2011, is the main suspect of definitive closure. Even the airlines that will survive, who thanks to state aid, who thanks to nationalization or who thanks to mega-mergers, will, however, have to radically vary their way of conceiving passenger transport.

Who we are, our aeronautical expertise

Thanks to the idea of ​​some of our pilot members and aircraft owners, in 2019 we launched ,first overall in Italy, a flight school structured as a summer camp. In this way it was possible to offer the obtainment of the PPL (Private Pilot License) in less than 90 days and in a much more efficient and safe way compared to schools offering traditional courses thanks to which it is possible to obtain the same license in time triple, if not higher, and with a significant increase in expenses. Info on

Our idea, leisure flights

From these considerations our idea of ​​supporting tourism, and that of Romagna in particular, was born, proposing personalized family flights at very competitive costs. But to do this we had to reinvent ourselves.
Our know-how, which is perfectly centered in the general aviation segment or on 4-seat aircraft, can be a quick and cheap answer to those who want to guarantee a simple and safe flight without giving up social distancing. Our planes are about to be equipped with a panel that separates the front part reserved for the pilot from the rear part reserved for passengers. At the disposal of each passenger there will be masks, gloves, sanitizing gel and any other useful device to guarantee total safety. It should also be noted that before and after each flight the cabin will be sanitized by specialized personnel.
By flying with us you also get many other benefits including:

  1. the possibility to decide the days and times of the flight without having to depend on the fixed schedules/timetables typical of the airlines
  2. you can fly not only from airports but from one of the hundreds of airfields distributed widely in Italy and Europe. This allows you to be much closer to the passengers without forcing them to long and expensive transfers (often with public transport the use of which should be avoided)
  3. the typical queues of commercial airports can be avoided because in any case, the passengers of general aviation flights benefit from reserved access gates and simplified procedures
  4. on-board electronic devices can be used, even during the flight
  5. each flight is tracked with a specific app (can also be shared with friends and family) and, on request, the relative video souvenir is provided in addition to the diploma of “flight baptism” for new eagles

So how do you do it? By joining a well-known and certified British platform (Wingly), we have made our availability available to potential passengers. All this takes place safely and legally, that is, the sharing of costs with qualified pilots who have the need (and the pleasure) to keep their pilot license active, obtained with many sacrifices, and not only economic ones. One of the main characteristics of the active maintenance of the pilot license is the flight activity therefore each pilot has an incentive to fly. This greatly reduces costs for the benefit of pilots and passengers or cost sharers.

Waht about Romagna?

Being our company from Romagna and made up of Romagna from birth or adoption could we ignore the call of the heart? Absolutely not!
And it is for this reason that we decided to create an ad hoc service for tourists who come to Romagna and for entrepreneurs from Romagna who want to join the RomagnAir project. So what do we do specifically for our passenger-tourists in Romagna and local entrepreneurs?

  • reduction of costs for each tourist passenger who will prove to be staying at one of the participating structures
  • possibility to rent cars or bicycles, both electric and traditional at discounted costs at the partner center
  • discount carnet and agreements for affiliated Romagna structures (hotels, residences, amusement parks, restaurants, bathing establishments, etc.)
  • fantastic flight experiences to visit places like Venice, Florence, Elba, Croatia, and hundreds of other places with exciting landscapes. All starting and returning comfortably to Romagna
  • fidelity card: the more you fly the less you spend

The message of the entrepreneurs: We Romagnoli ti Voliamo Bene!

Try to imagine such a claim. Something unique and innovative as only the people of Romagna know the rate. Why should a tourist come on holiday to Romagna? But for a thousand reasons, today more than ever:

  • because we come to pick you up at home when you want and where it is most convenient for you,
  • because you will be the protagonist of a new way of taking a holiday,
  • because it is safer than using public transport such as trains and airliners,
  • because it is within everyone’s reach,
  • because you can proudly say that you helped your country and gave a future to the most beautiful land in the world

Who is the RomagnAir project aimed at?

To anyone: passengers, tourists, aviation enthusiasts, hikers, entrepreneurs interested in attracting tourism, entrepreneurs who have to travel and investors who believe in the development of light general aviation.


It is very safe to the point that every aero can fly even with the engine turned off for a variable amount of time sufficient to land at an airport or one of the dozens of airfields available in Italy.

Absolutely yes. The international platform that we use verifies that each pilot is in possession of the necessary requirements to operate the flight in total regularity and safety (licenses, medical certificates, etc.)

No, to fly safely, there must be adequate weather conditions. However, in summer the weather is generally always good so you can fly safely.

Flights can take place from sunrise to sunset so in the summer you can fly generally without any problems from 06.30 to 20.30. Besides, some of our pilots are certified to fly at night and this greatly expands the possibilities

Even if someone wants to talk about chemtrails, our aircraft are propeller-driven so there is no risk

It is possible to fly from any airport, including international, open to general aviation traffic as well as from any airfield. Of these there are dozens scattered throughout Italy so contact us and ask us which is the closest to you

The cost varies according to various parameters such as the number of passengers, the type of aircraft used, the departure/arrival base, and the duration of the flight. But to give you a rough idea, consider that 3 passengers for a flight of about 60 minutes pay a per capita contribution starting from 89 euros. Contact us without obligation at for more information

It is possible to take photographs and videos without any limitation, apart from particular areas considered sensitive. If in doubt, ask the pilot what you can and what you cannot photograph or film

Of course it is possible to do both

Yes sure. Anyone with a valid identity / recognition document can fly, just like a scheduled flight

The same ones that you would use to use a scheduled flight and therefore a valid identity / recognition document

You can ask for information at and you will be shown every detail to become a supporter

You can ask for information at and you will be shown every detail to become an investor

Absolutely not. All our activities are carried out with private capital without even resorting to public funding.

No. We are a company specialized in the aeronautical sector that has among its institutional purposes that of promoting flight in all its aspects

This and other detailed information are indicated on the FAQ page available on the Wingly website

Yes, every aircraft is not only in compliance with the necessary documentation but is also subjected to a rigorous maintenance cycle carried out by qualified aeronautical operators. Each intervention is noted in a special register subject to periodic verification by the competent aviation authority. In addition, before and after each flight, the aircraft are personally verified by the pilot who flies with you

On board it is possible to bring a backpack for each of the passengers. The baggage is instead sent, if desired by us, thanks to an express courier and made to be found directly at the destination.